Sander Van Doorn – Neon (Club Mix)

Posted by on August 5, 2013

This is what Serotonin sounds like. Sander Van Doorn is a happiness pusher, and his latest single is hitting the streets with force. Let him deal you a dose of bliss by the name of Neon. At first it’s a familiar feeling; you are no stranger to the beat. Ghostly whistles, powerful strings and bouncing synths find their way into your consciousness, giving you the feeling that something unfamiliar is beginning. The feeling climbs, then drops off suddenly, peeking your interest.  You’re left alone with the whistles – like a whispering ghost that is both mysterious and comforting. The strings return to you suddenly in strong waves, and you’re on your way up. The feeling keeps rising, the joy coursing through your veins and dominating every thought. Then, finally, you hit the peek and ride the euphoric feeling for what seems like eternity. You may find yourself smiling, or dancing uncontrollably – this is just the song doing its job. All good things must come to an end however, and on the way down you find yourself with the eerie whispers that make you crave another go. Feel free to go on a smile binge, and lock this down on repeat. Sander has plenty of love to go around.

Beatport: Sander Van Doorn – Neon (Club Mix)

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