Your Favorite DJs Before They Made It Big

Posted by on August 1, 2013

Tiesto, Armin & Ferry

You have seen posts before by other blogs with pictures of DJs when they were little kids or even teenagers. That is cute and all, but here we want to show you when they were looking like goons, in that phase of their professional life they would probably rather forget, when they were young and reckless and not always ready for the camera. Some of them do look like they were born for the camera (see Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong & Carl Cox), but others: oh boy, let’s have some fun on this special Throwback Thursday. Before you move on, please bask in how goonish Tiesto, Armin and Ferry look in that picture. Armin had his law degree at that point. Imagine being represented in court by him; unreal.

Pete Tong at 20

Stuck in thought about his bright future as a radio DJ, Pete Tong can’t help but look like a total bro. Come to think of it he still does: big ups Pete Tong.

kaskade young

Kaskade about 10 years ago. I am glad the soul-patch is gone and did not come back in his “It’s You, It’s Me Redux” tour. That might have killed the vibe all together…just kidding, but with the Adidas track suit, just maybe. Also glad press shots aren’t taken like school photos anymore.

Hardwell & Tiesto

Sorry the pic is blurry, but actually, Hardwell looks like he can’t be older than 13. He also looks almost exactly the same. He needs to make up his mind.

Fat Boy Slim 1988

Back to the bros. Fatboy Slim in the studio with a double-decker keyboard setup, probably about to make some dope tunes, we know it. This was almost surely in his partying days, probably killin’ it with the ladies.

SHM Prydz Luke

I believe Axwell’s shirt has been thrown out by his wife and probably discontinued by Axtone. That look has probably been banned by Steve’s wife. That haircut has probably been shunned by Laidback Luke’s wife. So that leaves us with who? Sebastian Ingrosso just looks a little thinner and more put together now. Eric Prydz…well good thing he came to LA, because he just really needs some sunlight.

calvin harris young

Back before Calvin had his choice of the top models in Vegas or making POV movies with Ellie Goulding on the side, he had some serious shag and looked like he had no chance to bag a 10. Shows anything is possible.

Sven Vath goon

This info has gone around the web a few times, but that does not change the fact that Cocoon Heroes boss and king of the underground, Sven Vath had his 80’s moment back in 1987 when he made a song “Electric Salsa” as a member of Off. Just check his attire on the cover and in the video.

david-guetta young

Ah, when Guetta actually DJed. Back when he was playing the gay clubs of Paris for no money, grinding and working his way to the top, earning respect and not having other people making his records for him. That is what people respect him for. Now he is just, well, David Guetta.

bassnectar young 2

Bassnectar was always a metalhead and still is. Long hair, don’t care, Bassnectar is still rocking the do, just looks a tad older. Keep doing you, master of bass.

Armin throwback

Before Armin had his own swanky studio, he had to make tracks like “Blue Fear” in his room at his parents house on a setup like this. Aren’t you glad you aren’t reading this on a computer like that? The fern adds a nice natural touch to the otherwise robotic room.


Carl Cox circa 1982. Yes, he is 51 now; here we have Carl Cox at 20. He is looking a tad thinner back then and rocking some dope shades. I wonder if he said “Oh Yes, Oh Yes” all the time back then too.

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold high as a kite in Ibiza in 1988. Need I say more?

Dirty South

Don’t think many girls are going to want the D looking like this D man. Dirty South several years ago looking a little less polished than he does now. Now ladies all over the world want the D.

Ferry Corsten Goon 2

Ferry Corsten is just one of those gifts who keeps on giving. He posted this one today from 2001, and though he looks less goonish as the one all the way up top, the symptoms are still there.

Skrillex goth

Skrillex as a goth. It is no secret, Skrillex was in a screamo band, From First To Last and that is how he broke his vocal chords. Just be glad he has only gone half goth for his DJ career.

Tiesto & Armin throwback

Why not another of Tiesto & Armin. Armin just had his 2nd child over the weekend, yup that dude has two children.

wolfgang young

Not entirely sure when this was taken, but it has to be during the Myspace days with its corny graphics and all. The thing is Wolfgang looks almost exactly the same now, so it is really tough.

Showtek young

BONUS: Showtek JUST uploaded this to Facebook from their glory days in 1994. One as the top commenter astutely points out, they look at bit like girls. Also those Magic jackets are kind of fire, I wonder who their favorite players were. Maybe a little Penny Hardaway action. They have come a long way from then, to making Tiesto’s songs and some of the biggest tracks out now.

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