HAHA-YO – Dancing Like An Idiot [Video]

Posted by on July 19, 2013

HAHA-YO has returned funkier than ever and on a mission to protect the secret sauce.

Whatever the secret sauce may be, HAHA-YO most definitely put plenty of it on this last song and video. In an industry filled with monotonous, unoriginal artists I can say without hesitation that there is no one quite like HAHA-YO. The duo can make the most introverted, shy listener get up on his or her feet and dance with the play of a song.

“Dancing Like an Idiot” is without a doubt on the lighter side of hip-hop and has a sound sure to attract many kitchen-dancers, shower-singers, and motor vehicle-rockstars alike.

Directed by Mikey Van Beuren, the video is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A mini-movie to go along with the soundtrack, the visual follows Boyder and Lukey the Bird on their journey to save their pizza dynasty and each other. There are -thankfully- no shots rapping in to a camera from a rooftop or in a studio, instead the team has given you something to sit down, enjoy and actually get intrigued by.

HAHA-YO has recently released their EP, HEY., and if you missed it, it can be downloaded here for free!

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