OneRepublic – Counting Stars (Lonczinski Remix)

Posted by on July 2, 2013

artworks-000051929854-05p3zv-t500x500We’ve already heard many OneRepublic remixes but, at least for me, this was the first “Counting Stars” remix I’ve come across. I have become very familiar with Lonczinski’s style, probably because it is as generic as they come. That doesn’t mean it’s not good though. Well, kind of. These types of songs are good for a few days, but will you be listening to it two weeks from now? Unlikely. It’s producers like this who need to step out of the box and make something with staying power. Sure, this song’s not bad, it’s actually quite good seeing as how I feel the desire to post it, but this type of music is shallow and if a producer only sticks to this formula then they are clearly taking the easy way out. You should know something is wrong when a person can say “yeah, this is a good song” after listening and still not care enough to download it.

Free Download: OneRepublic – Counting Stars (Lonczinski Remix)

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