TomorrowWorld Announces Its Official Arrival to the USA

Posted by on March 20, 2013

The news is somewhat tempered by leaks in the past few weeks, but the news is official — the world’s best and most unique festival is expanding to the US after 8 years in Belgium. It will make landfall in Chatahoochee Hills, Georgia, 30 miles outside of Atlanta, the location of Counterpoint Festival, for the weekend of September 27-29. This is huge news for several reasons. One, does this mean the rumored move of Counterpoint Festival to New York this year that was later refuted by Counterpoint is back on? Or will it move to another place in the US? A change in date to earlier in the summer would be difficult with the intense Georgia heat, so it remains to be seen what will happen, but either way it seems that there is no way they can both co-exist the way things are at the moment.

Also one must look at it from the perspective of ID&T, the founders of Tomorrowland, Sensation, Mysteryland, Energy and other events, and why they came to the US. One reason is $$$$$$$$$. The second is there is an enormous market that is only growing is size that wants more dance music events. Now will this make the brand of Tomorrowland less unique and special, and somehow dilute the product? I don’t think they would have expanded without knowing that any hit to the quality would then hurt the general brand. Overall, it remains to be seen how the expansion will turn out, but with a landscape similar to Boom back in Belgium, the fields of Georgia seem like the ideal place for this.

Tickets go on sale April 27th at 11am EST for US residents and May 4 at 11 EST for the rest of the world. You must pre-register to get access to these tickets and the pre-registration is open now. One rather important sticking point is that the festival is 21+ (thanks draconian US drinking laws). More info on their website.

Pre-registration Link

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