Skrillex – Puppy

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Well it seems that Skrillex may have an album coming this Summer. It is about time he started to make releases from his massive vault of tracks. The video is a commercial for G-Star Denim, which features the first known single that may or may not be a part of the album. “The Art of RAW,” (clearly a play on words of the book, “The Art of War”), is described by Skrillex as a blend of Electro-House, Dubstep, and fidget. An interesting blend for sure, I am happy that I actually enjoy this clip. The “Bangarang EP” was boring in my opinion, it baffles me that Skrillex managed to pull a Grammy from the title single. A creatively wild track such as this only leaves me wondering if an album would be all that we have been hoping for over the past 2 years. At this point it’s hard to say, and just as Skrillex has stated LPs in the past, this Summer could end up another disappointment. I’m sure there is just a lot of confusion between his upcoming Dog Blood releases and his new project with Diplo and A-Trak.

Edit: Well, it turns out that the track is not called “The Art of Raw” but is in fact named “Puppy”.


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