Pier Of Fear: The Haunted House Tour Takes Over NYC

Posted by on November 7, 2012

Despite being still 5 days away, on Friday October 26th Halloween was in full swing at Pier 94 as the Haunted House Tour made its first stop in its trek across the country in New York City, bringing along a cast that included, Knife Party, Tommy Trash, Style of Eye and others. The sold out pier which has seen the likes of Avicii, Arty and others was rocking all night long with top of the line visuals consisting of an outstanding laser and light display. While it is true that Pier 94’s ventilation system is pretty awful and it becomes a sweat box, despite the size of the venue, the night overall one to remember with some great performances across the board.

Destructo, who’s day job is the head of Hard, the main event organizer of the night, started off the night with a set that mixed together a whole host of different genres getting the night started as the crowd was quickly starting to file in. Fast riser on the scene and hometown kid, Baauer, followed up Destructo with his hip hop infused electronic beats that got the party started with a bouncy mix of trap, electro and hip hop. Next up came Style Of Eye, who delivered my favorite set only to Tommy Trash.

Style Of Eye really got things going as the crowd was at near capacity at this point, mixing together tracks you have been hearing over the past couple months from your typical big hitters with lesser known tracks including several from his quietly impressive discography. The tracklist was quite varied and included some deftly crafted bootlegs.

After Style Of Eye came Kill The Noise with his heavy, high pitched dubstep. I thought his set had a few too many valleys in between the peaks of his hitting hitting tracks like his remix of “Must Be Feeling” and others that got great crowd reactions. He mixed in a variety of different styles from electro to the flavor of the day in trap, as well as some early plays of tracks from his new album, but he got on the mic 1 or 5 too many times and combined with a somewhat lackluster setlist, notably compared to his superb set at Electric Zoo, Kill The Noise was a bit of disappointment.

Next up came the headliner of the night in Knife Party. They came our swinging with their unreleased track “Back To The Z-list” and moved through an energetic setlist including a bootleg of “Antidote” and “iRok”, a whole host of their own tracks like “Sleeze”, “Centipede”, which is outrageous live, “Rage Valley” and of course “Internet Friends”. Side note, some dude asked me who was playing during the opening of “Internet Friends”, good joke sir, well done. They nearly brought the roof off of the place with their remix of “Save The World”, which people still love to sing, despite it having some mileage. Their set was nothing too creative or new compared to what we saw at Electric Zoo, but it was the high energy madness the people were craving on that night. In the future, Knife Party will have to become more creative as their novelty wears off, but for now they are just fine.

Finishing off the night at 3am was the terror from down under, Tommy Trash. As I previously stated he had far and wide the best of the night and he hit it right from the get go with a version of Albin Myer’s “Halloween Theme” and his remix of “The Veldt”. He kept it moving with the back to back plays of “Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost)” and “Reload“, which judging by the total madness that erupted on each drop in the crowd of several thousand strong, you would have had no idea it was 3:40am, forcing an enormous grin on the mostly covered face of the Trashman. He forged on with his remix of “Ladi Dadi” and finished off the night with “Cascade” that left the crowd both breathless and wanting more at the same time — the perfect sendoff for any set and for any show.

Photo Credit: Chiara Gerek & Me

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