Seven Lions EP Teaser (Release on 10/16)

Posted by on October 6, 2012

After having two monster remixes released in the past two weeks, Seven Lion’s is back again with a big announcement. The Seven Lions EP has been signed by one of the biggest EDM labels around currently, OWSLA, and set to be released on 10/16. I definitely didn’t see this coming, but I am ecstatic for him. Showing us that no matter what label wants to release his music, he stays true to his style and what he does best, which we see a showcase of in this teaser video. The Trance infused dubstep style seems to have appealed to Skrillex enough for him to sign this magnificent artist’s EP in what is going to be one of the top releases on the label in the past few months. There isn’t much else to say that we already haven’t about Seven Lions, but the wait for the next 10 days is going to a long and eager one. With that said, we also got a sneak peak at one of the tracks from the EP courtesy of Spin Magazine and it is surely a promising one.

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