Henrix – Miami Heaters EP Vol. 1

Posted by on October 1, 2012

Henrix as an ode to his much adored Miami Heat has put out this free 5 track EP, taking us on a journey from more stripped down percussion heavy drops to those anthemic, big room hands in the air moments. Henrix has become a name to watch after latest single “Let’s Rave” as well as his upcoming single “Hit It” with GTA and Digital Lab that was just signed to a major label and another track getting signed to Mixmash. The EP starts with “Encore” a stripped down festival sized track that follows in the same manner as “Let’s Rave” with the big, anticipatory build and then pounding, reverbed drums come exploding out at you as the drop hits. “Are You Ready”, “Bonkers” and “Destiny” utilize grinding synth chords to accentuate well formulated bass lines, creating high energy tracks. “King” brings me back a little to his old work as Pedro Henriques, going for the big room sound, while still showing the evolution that has come with the name change in Henrix. This is an EP filled with superb, varied bass lines and a diverse and unique sound. Henrix continues to impress with each passing production, so don’t sleep on this EP or him as he continues to make waves this year and into the future.