D!RTY AUD!O – Str8 Rider [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on September 24, 2012

FNT favorite, D!RTY AUD!O is back again with another exclusive Moombahton original for you guys. After hearing the preview of this track a few months back I new I had to get this exclusive for the FNT fans. With many artist who were originally releasing Moombahton now creating Trap there are only a few I can count on to keep the good Moombah flowing and D!RTY AUD!O is one of them. This track has a great overall feel to it with a nice sample of a Brazilian track as well as a Dirty Dutch/ Moombah infused drop to get the crowd going. We were able to sit down and interview this young talent as well, which can be read by clicking the ‘Read On’ link below.



Short Bio: 

“I’m Andrew, I’m 17, I’m from LA, & I started producing around 2 years ago.”

Every artist has a different introduction into producing, what was yours?

“I started DJing when I was 12, but in 2009 I started going to clubs and festivals. I noticed most of the artists were playing their own music, so I downloaded FL Studio & ever since then I started messing with it everyday.”

Where did the inspiration for the name D!RTY AUD!O come from, if anywhere?

“I got booked for my first club gig & that’s what I came up with lol.”

 What are some hobbies you have when you aren’t producing?

“When I’m not producing I’m either kicking it with my team or just doing something else that’s work related.”

 Who are your current favorite EDM artists and why?

“Afrojack, Munchi, Flosstradamus  & my good friend Deorro, because they’re all making dope music.”

Is there any one artist or music group who’s style inspired you more than others when you first started producing?

“I think Afrojack’s style is kinda what influenced me when I first started producing, but most of my current influences come from Hip-Hop & Rap.”

For the aspiring producers who are probably wondering about your productions and what builds them, what DAW or software do you use, what are your favorite synths and plugins, Mac or PC?

“I use FL Studio 10, & I use a PC because it isn’t compatible for Macs yet. My favorite synths to use are Massive, Sylenth, and 3xosc. My favorite plugins are Gross Beat & CamelPhat.”

Of all your productions so far, which one is your favorite?

“Drop That Ass”

Being known for your addicting Moombahton tracks, how do you feel about the decline of Moombah?

“I think everyone’s been so hooked on Trap that they kinda forgot about Moombahton, but I think it’s temporary.”

What are your thoughts on Trap?

“I love Trap.. Making it’s fun & it combines Hip-Hop & EDM, which is what I’m usually listening to.”

What are your current preferred tracks to listen to daily?

“LOUDPVCK & gLAdiator- Scaley, Bro Safari- Scumbag, & Dipset Anthem (Munchi Remix) have been on repeat this past week.”

When can the fans expect a D!RTY AUD!O EP?

“By the end of this year, I’m working on a few EP’s at the moment.”



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