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Posted by on September 24, 2012

11 years in the making, after breaking up for a time and countless delays, Andain’s first artist album “You Once Told Me” has finally been released. Andain, comprised of Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden fame and Mavie Marcos have put out singles and demos here and there over the past decade, but finally after really focusing on getting the album done, Andain “You Once Told Me”, the full product has finally come to fruition. In the past 2 years with the release of “Promises” and “Turn Up The Sound” and its remixes, indications pointed towards the possibility of a finished album, but like Chicago Cubs fans or people waiting for “Detox”, they knew not get their hopes up too high.

However, all of that painful waiting is over and we have “You Once Told Me”. The album combines uplifting trance tracks with more chilled out acoustic tracks, with a few more upbeat tracks sprinkled in. This is not your 136bpm trance that pounds you into submission, nor is it your current brand of trance being headed by Anjunabeats that fuses progressive house and trance. This is its own sound, with substantial variation from track to track exemplified in songs like “Promises” that slows down the tempo with a varying bass line and growling undertones, “You Once Told Me” & “Ave Maria”, which pick up the pace and provides more upbeat elements of the album and “Taken Away” with its easygoing melody of guitar, flute and bells that lends to the more soothing side of the album. Deviating from the Gabriel & Dresden sound, Andain shows the musical complexity and creativity vested in Josh Gabriel as he continues to blaze his own unique musical trail as a member of both Andain & Gabriel & Dresden

We are proud to be teaming up with Andain to do a giveaway of 4 signed copies of the album. To enter there are 2 simple steps:

1. Like both FreshNewTracks & Andain on Facebook.
2. Comment on this post saying why you want to win it (leave your real info or else you can’t win).
The winner will be announced next Sunday night at 8pm EST.

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  • I want one, please 🙂 For gift for my Girlfriend. She loves You 🙂

  • I need to win because Beautiful Things was one of the tracks that defined me as a clubber and DJ…. Still brings shivers down my spine…

  • Combiner

    I need it because it help me to relax and life becomes easier 🙂

  • You and your music are incredible, Mavie. I really need it. Your music’s always been an influence… and I can’t ever have enough of you :3

    I hardly have more words.

  • I would like a signed copy because that would be a beautiful gift to take with me from US when I’ll return home. Andain’s voice, music, lyrics always sooths me.

  • Ames Rool

    Andain is most beautiful music group with electronic songs ever created. I want one copy because it bring me in another, better place than we live. This music is rest for the soul. She ignites the senses, it does not allow to fall into routine.
    Nothing better could have happened, and this disc gives evidence to the fact that electronic music is not dead, on the contrary, is doing quite well. Thank Andain for so many years of hard work. Worth wait for that. Wonderful stuff, even more wonderful moments spent with them. Sincerely, with big love, Your devoted fan.

  • Kitty

    WAAAANNNT!!! I have only been waiting an entirety for this album!!

  • I’d love to win cause once they told me [;)] about a track called beautiful things, and since then i’ve been longing for 11 long years to hear a final result as a whole to what would, and is being, a great vocal, lyrical, and melodic journey.

    email for contact. in case you decide to make me even happier 🙂 [email protected]

  • Try this again….LOL
    WAAAANNNT!!! I have only been waiting an entirety for this album!!

  • So glad that you are back on the production side of things 🙂 I would love to own a copy of this album, help a poor student out :p

  • Huzaifah

    Andain! I think by far im your no.1 fan! I really love your music and have been sharing your music with my friends and made them start listening to your music and they always listened to hip hop. Anyway I really want this album please! I missed out on the last opportunity when they were given away too. please I hope iI get chosen. your music opens my heart, it makes me happy and makes me think there’s so much more to music than just simple words. Thank You.

  • Jerome

    I would Like To win because the music of Andain is simply Magik!!!!!!!

  • I would like to win this album because “Beautiful Things” still reminds me the best moments of my life. I remember the days when i was in a really hopeless situation, i was listening to the primary version of “You Once Told Me” when i cried and that song gave me a strength to went through all of this darkness i stucked in. I’ve been waiting for that longplay since Andain was introduced to me over seven years ago. For me it is also the most expected album this year. I love the fact that every track has its own story and every track takes me to a long journey through my memories and to the world i dream to live in.

    Best wishes from probably your biggest fan in Central Europe 😉

  • Because then I could have something awesome to look at as well as something awesome to listen to.

  • Robert Nguyen

    Andain has been such an influence on me and why I want to produce music today. Summer Calling was that track that made me fall in love with Andain. I want this signed copy!

  • I wanna win that album,’cause it’s andain. From Andain i started my adventure with EDM. Sorry for my english. I’m Polish

  • a) it’s Andain, b) I’m not a creeper and c) I just f’ing love her music. Looking forward to it. 😀

  • a few weeks ago i bought the cd single of beautiful things for £30! so it would be quite nice to be saved some money on this andain cd 🙂 clearly i am a big fan so it would be an honour to the cd signed, i really hope i win!

  • Maria

    I have been a fan of Andain since she started. She is a very talented artist. Her songs are amazing. My favorite would have to be the remix she did with gabriel and dresden with BEAUTIFUL THINGS. I get the chills just listening to that song.

  • KevinE

    I have followed andain since summer calling came out 12+ years ago. I followed Mavie through black hole recordings, and youtube through out her entire career. When i heard beautiful things i was taken back by her creativity with lyrics, and her voice. She had this way about her music that drew me in. Then hearing ava maria, you once told me, and get up released over the years… my obsession grew. I have been in contact with producers through out the years about them releasing a full length album, and now many years later… its here. Its amazing to see where i was then, and where i am now since Andain hit the club scene, and now have there full length out. Everything Mavie does is absolutely perfect. This album is a masterpiece… start to finish you see why its taken so many years to master, and allow her to release it to the world. I would be most greatfull for a autographed copy of the album to have in my collection. Being one of Andains most faithful, and depended fans over the past 12+ years it would mean the world to me to have this collectible. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Danielle

    Andain. Wow. What can I say. I wish more people knew about you. Words cannot describe how much I love Promises and Beautiful Things. I would LOVE to win a signed copy of your album, but if I’m not so lucky, I’ll still be buying myself a copy. You can contact me via email: [email protected] and I will send you my address. God Bless xx

  • I want the album because the only way to getting one here in México is on a trip to US and I want to hear it now!! I love the album it self, I don´t like electronic ones! Congratz on the new album Andain!

  • Dan Stojowski

    I have been a fan of Andain since I first heard the song “You
    Once Told Me” around the 2004/2005 time-frame.
    I had just moved to the Washington D.C. area and was recently
    single. My girlfriend and first true love for over two years
    and I had recently broken up under some very rough circumstances. Though I was working, meeting new people, and
    enjoying life, I would often end up back at my apartment trying to figure out
    what had went wrong with that relationship, and was in a bit of a depression. One day my friend sent me a song from this
    group called Andain, and she told me I had to listen to it as it described the
    way I had explained to her the post break up situation I was trying to deal
    with. The song turned out to be “You
    Once Told Me.” The chorus “Sometimes I
    find myself in a sea, in a dream that’s so far away…..” and so on, literally
    spoke to me. I was able to completely
    relate to that part of the song and as I heard the rest of it, drew parallels
    to the way I was feeling and the words Mavie was singing. That song really helped me through those rough
    times, and made me a forever fan of Andain’s music, Mavie’s voice, and the
    beauty of their songs. In subsequent
    listening of those early songs and more recent material I realize I still can
    find meaning and beauty in the words and music of Andain.

    That is why I hope to win this contest,

    Dan Stojowski

  • I would love to receive a signed copy of the album. I’ve been a long time fan of Andain. I tried last time to get a copy but was not fortunate enough, instead I was added to a mailing list, so please this time do not misuse my e-mail details. Thanks 🙂

  • Hy. I want to win a signed copy not because I am a Andain fan, not because I love Mavie or a huge admirer of Josh’s works (also of Dave) [which I am :))]…the truth is I want to give my best friends a very very nice present for his birth day coming up next month. he and I are in love with Andain, so a signed copy from you and a small message from me will thrill him greatly. We have waited all these years for an album and I promise, the first time Andain comes to Bucharest, Romania we will come to the gig with the signed copy for a group picture 🙂

  • Andain has the most beautiful vocals from any group and Mavie’s voice is even more angelic than people like Emma Hewitt’s and Julie Thompson’s. The spine-chilling, piercing clarity of the sound evokes all the senses and sends me into a different dimension. For those few minutes, I become one with music and all the stresses and problems of the world fade away. Regardless of my mood going into it, trance music returns me to a state of peace, and songs like Promises normalizes my mood, neutralizing any anger, before Turn Up the Sound pumps me up, getting me ready to take on the world again. A signed album would become a centerpiece to display on the wall.

  • Peter Varga

    Why I should win this? Because I never won anything.. yet.
    Btw.. Andain is my favorite group since 2002, when I first heard Summer Calling..
    Thank you for everything, I hope to hear a lot of music from you, best wishes!

  • Honest answer? I followed Andain ever since Beautiful Things came out and I really wanted them to finally release a studio album. Well the time has come finally and having a hard copy aside of a digital one would be nice 🙂

  • Since I heard Beautiful Things I have never stopped listening Andain, they simply make so beautiful music so how can I stop listening them? The new album is again another masterpiece and since it’s almost impossible to get it in my country I would love to have a signed copy. Also I would like to see them live somewhere in my neighborhood.

  • Alan Phil

    For me to win anything would feel to be so Wonderful inside,But to win here a very Beautiful signed copy of your new Album would mean everything to me.Because in a way it was fact that you Andain truely signed this copy.Your new CD Album is soooo very great.What i like about you Andain, you just come across as such a down to earth person when you sing about Beautiful things?,,,Smiles,,,,for this really does show alot.I smile because you make me smile alot in your music from your heart.Love the song promises.I have been a very big fan of yours for years even before i was even on the net here.I really do hope your new CD Album does really well in the music charts.I can go on and on about why i should win this Wonderful prize,,,,Smiles,,,But i will leave this really up to you.If i dont win,,Its ok i really do understand because i have never won anything before.But i feel i must have a real go anyway.,,,Do you blame me,,,Smiles,,,Still my love for music like yours dont change.For this will never change in me.Keep up the very good work Andain.Your a big star in my eyes.God bless you always,,,,,,P,,,,,,

  • A poem which tells you why I wanna win

    In my mind you are there everytime
    “Like” the birds on the sky in summertime
    “After” we will see each other
    Our love will last forever

    “You Once Told Me” no one can change, or “Taken Away”

    I take “Promises” I never “Forget Your Face”

    My witness is “Ave Maria” up above

    “Much.. too much” beautiful things in my mind
    So “Turn Up The Sound” in your heart

    “What It’s Like” the setting sun, the stars at night
    “Find Your Way” because I have found mine.

    name: Gellért Karányi
    mail: guesstenye [at] gmail [dot] com

  • You are one of the most powerful vocalists I have ever heard and your music is the most extraordinary sound and lyrics ever , you are Blessed with a voice to and talent not of this world !!! this is true 🙂