David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat 2.0

Posted by on September 12, 2012

David Guetta may be the most hated man in dance music, but he (or his production team) sure knows how to make hit singles. The vast majority of the album are just re-releases of tracks from the original Nothing But The Beat, but there are 5 tracks on here that you should get to know before they become the soundtrack of your nightlife as the world picks up on these new hits. Using the exact cover design as Nothing But The Beat, David Guetta or Giorgio Tuinfort, Frédéric Riesterer and co. spare no shameless sample as they take Alice DJ’s timeless classic, “Alone Tonight” and transcribe it into “Play Hard” with Usher & Akon, a track bound for radio success.

iTunes: David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat 2.0

That is not to say that some of these tracks are not tunes we can all dance to. “Every Chance We Get We Run” tags Alesso to come in to take the production reigns, much like Avicii did on “Sunshine” and at first I was expecting him to mail it in like he did with his work on Usher’s “Numb”, but surprisingly the production work is very good. It sounds like vintage Alesso, dumbed down some to fit a radio audience, while working in tandem with vocals with Tegan Quin & Sara. Guetta’s production team’s mark can be seen with guitar melody in the build, while Alesso elevates the production with a layered melody in the drop.

Nervo joins Guetta and co to give us “In My Head” as they provide the vocals on the track and invariably helped on some of the production. The track provides catchy vocals with a melody that bridges the gap between dance and radio, as Guetta has done countless times before. The track that I find myself coming back to the most, “Just One Last Time” combines excellent vocals that will get stuck in your head from Taped Rai with a superb melody that is begging for an Alesso remix, but still stands tall on its own as well. “What The F***”, David Guetta’s instrumental effort is rather lackluster with a drop that does not separate itself from previous efforts.

Overall the album lacks creativity with the same exact cover art and using the context of a “new album” to rerelease a bunch of old material. That being said the new tracks were surprisingly good, despite the use of a shameless sample. These tracks will inundate party playlists and radios nationwide very soon, so get on these now.

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