Schoolboy – Aftershock + Exclusive Interview + Video Premiere

Posted by on September 11, 2012

An FNT favorite, Schoolboy, has just changed pace on his latest release taking a detour from his usual Dubstep tracks to a new colossal original Electro-House track. We have been following Schoolboy for quite some time now and seeing him progress has been a pleasure and finally being able to interview this amazing artist was a privilege (which can be found by clicking on the ‘Read On’ link), but we will get to that after the track.

With the premiere of his crazy spazmatic video of his newest work, Aftershock , Schoolboy is putting himself more and more on the map for the EDM scene. The track has a nice horror, 8-bit sounding intro that fits the mood for the track well. The build up leading to the heavy, growl influenced drop is bass filled enough to send any crowd into a craze, but at the same time tasteful enough to be able to dance to. It always nice to see artist expand out of their comfort zone and be able to conquer other genres as well as put together a full visual production to go along with it. Be sure to show your support and grab this awesome Subhuman release off of Beatport HERE.

Before you head off, click the ‘Read On’ link below to learn a little bit more about Schoolboy and what he had to say when we got the chance to talk with him.


Short Bio:

“Erik, I’m 25, from Los Angeles, started producing around 2008.”   


Q: Every artist has a different introduction into producing, what was yours?

“I used to be in bands back in high school. I remembered getting a hold of a copy of FL and Pro Tools/Reason at the time, mostly for tracking…I found myself getting obsessed as soon I started sequencing.”


Q: What made you decide on the name schoolboy and did it have anything to do with school?

“The name was more of a joke amongst friends at the time. I used to work at a school. Teacher’s Aide for LA Unified School District.”


Q: What type of music do you enjoy listening to through the day?

“Lately… Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky, M83, Passion Pit.”


Q: How did it feel the first time you had a label pick up a production of yours?

“Thrilled. Even though the label heads of Burn The Fire are buddies of mine, I still was anxious to release something as Schoolboy.”


Q: I remember first being exposed to you when I heard your track Paradigm Shift from your “The Science Project” EP. How would you say your style of production has changed since then?

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot since then. As a producer you never really stop learning especially when you’re around other producers. My sound has more clarity to it now, but still keeping it dirty, if that makes sense.”


Q: For the aspiring producers who are probably wondering about your productions and what builds them, what DAW or software do you use, what are your favorite synths and plugins, Mac or PC?

“I’m a Mac guy. I use Ableton. Favorite plug-ins: Ozone 5, All Native Instruments, Effectrix, Vstation, Waves,  Ohmicide.”


Q: Of all the producers you have met in your travels who has been the most influential to talk to?

“James Egbert”


Q: Some artists set a goal to make music that can be danced to, is that something you consider when working on a project?

“I always keep it in mind. I want to make music without any limitations but at the same time I want to be able to keep people moving, no matter what BPM the song is on.” 


Q: If you had to describe your sound to a new listener, how would you describe it to them?

“End Of The World Music.”


Q: Of all your productions so far, which one is your favorite and why?

““Zombies Ate My Neighbours” it was one of my more original ideas and I’ve been a huge zombie fan since I was 10. Personally, this was a tribute to all the zombie lovers out there. Fans often ask if the name was influenced by the NES game, the answer to that is yes. It’s more of a medley of everything zombie, from the NES title to Dawn Of The Dead quotes.”


Q: If you could collaborate with one artist in EDM currently who would it be and why?

“Wolfgang Gartner or Knife Party. Do I really need to esssplain? :)”


Q: Also while we are on the topic what artist or group’s track would you like to remix given the chance?

“Muse, without a doubt.”


Q: Finally, what do you want people to walk away with when listening to your music?

“You know when you listen to a track and the song itself feels short in time, so you wish they would have extended the song so you can listen to it longer… so you replay the hell out of it? That’s what I want.”


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