Avicii – Silhouettes (Avicii’s Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Remix)

Posted by on September 6, 2012

On the heals of releasing the official remix package for his hit single “Silhouettes” with possibly another package to come, has released his free remix of the track in honor of his endorsement deal with Ralph Lauren. The remix takes a more stripped down, minimal approach to the track, giving it a much more subdued sound that does not go for his big room sound, but more of an easy going vibe.

This remix does raise the question of how influential this endorsement deal Avicii has with Ralph Lauren. This is old news, we all knew he was inked to them a long time ago, though this is strongest play they have made at his music yet. He recently had a free show in San Francisco in their honor and presumably they footed some or most of the bill for it. However to put a company in the title of a track is quite different from just endorsing a product by wearing their cloths at gigs and promoting them via social media etc. Imagine Tiesto making a “Tiesto Guess Remix”, that would be outrageous. I would not go as far to say he has sold out, that is extreme, many artists have very close corporate sponsorships that help them to expand their fan base and create new opportunities for them. The problem comes when the independence of the artist is infringed upon and their ability to create music as they want comes into jeopardy. Unlikely this is happening here, but just something to watch out for.

Download: Avicii – Silhouettes (Avicii’s Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Remix)

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