Timeflies: The Clockumentary [Catch Up]

Posted by on September 5, 2012

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I’ve been slacking lately failing to bring you the weekly webisodes from Timeflies original series, The Clockumentary.  Above is the latest installment, providing a look behind the influence shining light on what inspires and motivates Cal and Rez to create the music they make.  The high level of intricacy is something Timeflies really pride themselves on.  Pursuing perfection.

Three more videos after the jump!

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Ahhhh yes, The Flopumentary.  Official how to guide for “The Flop Theory” highlighted below:

Flop: A terrible, sh*tty, and/or awful joke.

Cancel: The realization of a sh*tty joke and subsequent announcement of its termination.

Flop: A hilarious, whitty, and/or clever joke, delivered impeccably; the opposite of a flop.

…Don’t be victimized by the flop.

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Timeflies recipe:

Electrical engineer turned fat beat maker + Midget tuba player turned habitual shower singer = Success

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