DnB Friday’s

Posted by on September 1, 2012

Kicking off Dnb Fridays we have this awesome video of Koven using an Alphasphere to create some grimy futuristic drum & bass. Using some KOAN Sound style synths mixed with a little bit of Spor style as well. This isn’t a usual style that you would expect from Koven, but change isn’t always for the worst with some artists. Grab the track for free from the video description.

Silence Groove have always been a favorite of mine as far as liquid DnB is concerned. This amazing artist always keep things simple but yet effective and emotional. He shows us that you don’t always have to have the craziest synths to create some amazing music.

On the other hand if you do feel like incorporating some crazy heavy synths this is probably the product you will get. Black Sun Empire gets raunchy with this freebie track entitled Delorean. Great work as usual from these guys.

Last but not least is a pretty awesome funky track from Featurecast. Having that DJ Fresh uplifting style of Dnb with vocals; this track is a great way to kick off the weekend. Nothing short of amazing on this track with some great melodies as well as some groovy synth sounds.


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