Posted by on August 29, 2012

So I’ve got this friend in Israel. His name is Shlomo Jamil. Even though we’ve never met, we talk like every single day. We have a hard time understanding each other sometimes, but we communicate via sharing links to music back and forth. He has a passion for music just like I do. He’s basically the Israeli version of me. I’ve always thought “music is a universal language” is such a cliche catch-phrase, but in this case it actually applies. He hits me up tonight, tells me to listen to this. I don’t even understand the lyrics but this is the epitome of girl fire.

So, here’s the deal with TripL & Eliad’s breakout third “Bailando single. The Tel-Aviv production team “TripL” produced it and it interpolates elements from the famed 1997 “Bailando” by “Paradisio”, featuring vocals from Lila. I can already see myself crushing the dance floor in all my white awkwardness. Power pointing towards all the baddest b*tches in the room. Bailando. Caliente. Dale.


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  • Austin thanks for all homie i appreciate you very much, you are realy like bro for me 🙂