No Holding Back Contest Winner

Posted by on August 21, 2012

First off I’d like to salute all of the #NoHoldingBack Music Video contest sponsors; Dicks Cottons, Ground Breaker Customs, Freshletes, Tide 38 Clothing, NV Concepts, our producers; One Love, DJ Semi, Pat White, & Bill Jones; and of course director and full time baller, Ben Foley at Swaggernaut Productions.

We’ve filtered through all of our submissions and appreciate each and every artist that participated, but you all know only ten will make the cut for the mixtape and only ONE will win the grand prize.  We will be releasing the official mixtape next week via, but for now, here are the top 10 finishers…


…and the other 9 filling in the top 10 are as follows;

Once again, thank you to all who participated and be sure to stay tuned by following us for details on the mixtape release next week, additional prizes, and future contests!  If you are one of the 10 winners, we will contact you via the email you submitted your entry.  God speed, stay fresh.

@SwaggernautP | @SwaggernautBen | @Grubeats@FreshNewTracks

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  • fuckrizzo

    zach ricardo should have won. sky rizzo is complete trash. cant understand a word he’s saying, plus he’s cliche and already gets mommy and daddy’s money for music videos. huge dissapointment

  • Disappointed fan

    that’s whack man really disappointed in the winner…speed does not equal clarity here nor does it equal a hot track…freshnewtracks you really dropped the ball

  • Ymme

    Jutes shoulda won.

  • daneyeye

    JUTES >

  • Mdot

    This is ridiculous are you serious ? WoW

  • musicmaster

    who judges this junk……JUTES should have taken this

  • GMC

    Jutes for sure shoulda juan

  • love4jgov

    Quit talkin shit , he obviously won for a reason so you guys needa just respect it . He’s good , there’s no denying that .. just cuz he’s not your favorite doesn’t mean you gotta judge and say he’s garbage . You’re all just salty cuz you can’t do better . Show some respect and quit with all the hate . I look up to him

  • jgov sky rizzo fan

    Honestly Sky Rizzo/Jgov is so dope @c21400fede48c1ede0e534c0938bf7e0:disqus I couldn’t agree with you more

  • fuckinright

    no, he isnt good! sky rizzo honestly blows. you cant hear what he’s saying. honestly so disspointed in FNT. doesnt really matter though, SP’s videos blow anyway lol

  • Snyder

    Either…. every single contestant was awful, or FNT/ the “Celebrity” judges are musically retarded. What a joke of a contest