Jon Connor – Don’t Wanna Be (prod. by BRIX)

Posted by on July 19, 2012

The avid hip-hop fan may be partial to a 2x platinum pop single whose success is primarily attributed to the your high school girlfriend’s favorite TV show, One Tree Hill.  Although it may be easy to impugn on the Gavin DeGraw sample chosen by left coast producer BRIX, I suggest taking the high road and embracing the authentic effort in which the Flint, MI rhyme-sayer puts forth. With aspirations of chilling with the Notorious Chris Wallace, Jon Connor maintains his humble approach on music, repelling fame and confidently creating music for the people.  Rattling off references from his statistics textbook,

“Go grab a mic or a ball son, how backwards is that? Do you know the odds to make it in rap?  And your chance to make it in hoop is even slimmer than that? If you can’t do one of the two your only option is shoot”,

Connor recognizes that the odds may be against him but proceeds to drops his horns and fearlessly attack his dreams.  Jon’s forthcoming mixtape, While You Were Sleeping, set to hit the world wide web Thursday, July 26th.

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