Above & Beyond – Small Moments Like These

Posted by on June 26, 2012

When Above & Beyond releases a song, the world listens and when it is free, the world downloads on sight. They have the ability to make songs that pull out emotions that you did not know were possible to reach through music and tug at heartstrings unlike any artist I have every listened to. Their live shows have been compared to a religious experience, something I can vouch for, and by the end you will see many people with teary eyes. “Small Moments Like These” is an ode to all the great times they have had on tour, with their fans and with each other at Anjunabeats in the past year and want to share that joy and emotion with their loving fans through the best medium they know, music. If you have seen them live, you will be hard pressed to keep a dry eye all the way to end of the video and if you haven’t yet for some reason, this should convince you to see them the next opportunity you get. They make some of the most beautiful music being made right now and this is no exception.

Download: Above & Beyond – Small Moments Like These

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