Moombah Mondays

Posted by on June 25, 2012

Summer has been getting the best of me so far, as far as Moombah Mondays are concerned. I have been falling behind so yet again I have to get you guys updated on the Moombah scene. Tittsworth, Rez & Des McMahon newest EP dropped a few days back and after listening to it for a few days it is safe to say it was worth the purchase. All the tracks bring a new aspect to the Moombah game and show a spark of new originality from all these artist brought into all the tracks on the EP.

Whenever there is a release from Dillon Francis coming up I am always excited to see what style he decided to choose. Looks like he is slowly digging back into Moombahton, but with some more hard hitting synths compared to his uplifting ones from his earlier remixes. In other news he also announced another upcoming release in July titled “This Ones 4 Munchi”. Not sure why, but just by the title I am dying to hear what he has mixed together for this one.

Swatdojo nailed this genre combination between Electro and Moombahton. Keeping that heavy Electro bounce with the slowed down BPM, as well the latin percussions. He won me over with this remix and got me listening to this track again, even though there are a million remixes of it.

Milo & Otis have yet to drop the ball as far as releases go. I can’t point out one track they have given away that has disappointed me. Something tells me we are going to be seeing these guys on some tour schedules pretty soon. I love the reggae/island influence on this track alongside the uplifting synth melody; not to mention the heavy bassy drop.

Munchi slowly resurfacing on his social medias these past few weeks and his biggest upload has been this killer, hour long Moombahton mix. Packed with so many exclusives and aggressive remixes, which now explain what he has been doing this whole time. The untitled collaboration with Bro Safari has to be my favorite track on. I haven’t heard anything like it before and I am waiting impatiently to hear about a release for this tune.

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