Mr Mongoose’s Fantastic Weekend EP

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Sorry I have been letting Summer take the best of me these last few days, but no worries because I am about to unleash all hell on releases this week. I didn’t get the chance to post this last week before the shenanigans began, but it is definitely worth the post. Circus Records decided, to hell with it, if no major labels are gutsy enough to put out a Moombahton EP with well known artist, we are going to stand out and show them how it is done. And they easily delivered some sensational funky tunes. Doctor P and Flux were able to convince some of these artist who I could never imagine making a Moombahton track to do so. The master of the dirtiest darkest tunes, who even has two personas to separate his Deep Dubstep and Heavy Dubstep tunes, FuntCase/Haze, even took a stab at Moombahton. Personally that says a lot about Circus Records and the artist they work with. Trying to expand a newly growing genre as well as the boundaries for their artist. I won’t say that I personally thought all the tracks were amazing, but 501, Doctor P and Dillon Francis, as well as Brown & Gammon surely delivered. Don’t sleep on this exciting EP and get it on Beatport HERE.

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