The Dean’s List – Birth [Music Video]

Posted by on June 18, 2012

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The Dean’s List stay on course, delivering another new video off their debut album, Generation X.  The second track on the album, or “the calm before the storm” rather, orchestrates the beginning stage of our generation’s journey, with a powerful opening verse from Sonny which read’s as follows,

“And im the reason all my friends have something to believe in
I know its superficial but my mood fits the season
Im colder than I ever was and better than the better man
As simple as that sounds you should really let it settle in
The calm, right before the storm and but I know its cliché
But take a shot for, take a shot for being born”

With that, celebrate the small things we often overlook in life.  Sonny Shotz is the king of introspection.  He speaks truthfully in every song and very few artists can really represent a generation like The Dean’s List have begun to do.  My only hope is that before the next project, we have a video for every track off #GenerationX because that would be one hell of a movie.  As always, shout out to FTS Creative for another fine job behind the camera.  This video will have your head spinning; literally.

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