R Rated #33

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Schoolboy is known for his big remixes as of late. Who can forget his Antidote remix which is still rinsed out by Knife Party almost every show, or his Why I Love You So remix. Even better was his EP “The Science Project”, which contained my favorite track by him till date, Paradigm. Now embarking on his latest and largest remix for Infected Mushroom’s track Nation of Wusses; he has gone and done it again. Smashing another monster creation of his that is sure to have him noticed, if people don’t know of him already. This first preview has to be one of my favorite remixes of the week. Teknian crushing this Fade Into Darkness remix for the Avicii remix competition, but deciding to not submit it through. Instead he is going to lay down some original vocals for release later on, which excites me even more for its release.

InfraRed is moving onto big things as far as there upcoming releases. Some of the stuff I have been hearing is sounding monstrous and out of this world as far as dubstep and drum & bass. This Wickman EP is sounding big so be sure to be on the lookout for a release date in the upcoming weeks. I love the old school heavy sounds in this track and how they are all mixed in so well together.


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