R Rated #32

Posted by on June 6, 2012

Alright so for the past few days we have been slacking a little on the dubstep, but fear not because we will make it all up today in R Rated. This isn’t the way Sev and I would have wanted to catch up, but we saw fit for the situation. So we will start off with previews and releases and move towards some of the best free tunes we have seen in weeks. Brainpain getting a preview up on Bass Union of his upcoming release on Ultragore. The best way and only way to describe this track is, monstrous! Holy hell my speakers are experiencing the biggest bass overload right now. Next we have a few previews of upcoming tracks, that can’t be left unexposed. Killsonik just coming off of a successful release of their EP and are already providing an amazing remix for Calvin Harris feat. Examples new tune “We’ll Be Coming Back”. Killed it.

This next producer is one of the most under-looked and under-rated producers in dubstep currently. Flinch is doing big things that nobody knows about and this remix surely falls under that category. Remixing an older release from Buygore by Captain Crunch and Fytch entitled “Raindrops” proving his talent and ingenuity. Can’t wait for this release, which is forthcoming on Buygore if I didn’t mention it already.

This last preview just went up only about an hour ago. AFK and The Frim have collaborated on a VIP mix of a heavy tune that has been smashing the stages for Rusko and many other artist for a while now. Definitely did not see this coming, but The Frim is another underrated producer who is slowly making his way to the top. The tune will be free at 5k likes on AFK’s Facebook page, so get on it. Here is the link to their FACEBOOK.

These next two release I’m sad that I wasn’t able to post, but as long as they get their recognition I will be satisfied. This tune by Caspa has been on my most wanted list ever since it was first previewed at Creamfields last year. It is one of the most disgusting, hard-hitting tunes I have ever heard. Not to undersell this release by Subshock as well, because it is just about in the same league as far as destructiveness and bass goes.




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