Chance The Rapper – Cordial Invite

Posted by on June 2, 2012

Chance Bennett is taking the blogosphere by storm. After the wildly successful release of his debut mixtape #10Day, Chance decides to give my favorite song off the mixtape the cover treatment. His vocals can grab any willing ear, while his lyrics keep them listening. The hook and chorus of “Prom Night” was already phenomenal, but was made even better with Chance crooning it soulfully. Chance The Rapper is on the cusp of becoming one of my favorite rappers in the game, and this only helps his cause. For all of our FNT fans in Chicago, grab tickets to Chance’s show coming up next friday HERE. I’ve gotten word that Chance will be doing something extra special so all of our Chicagoites better be there. Be on the lookout for more Chance coming soon. Also, like his fanpage below so you can say that you liked Chance before it was cool.

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