Cypress Hill x Rusko – Can’t Keep Me Down (feat. Damian Marley)

Posted by on May 25, 2012

With the release of Cypress X Rusko around the corner, June 4th, it was only right for them to release a single off their EP. What better release than with one of the don’s of current reggae music, Damian Marley. Rusko takes the fusion of dubstep and reggae from a completly different perspective than what Skrillex showed us through Make It Bun Dem. This track influences the reggae aspect a little more than with Skrillex and Damian’s collaboration and also brings those heavy basslines under the vocals we have seen from Rusko through some of his most highly known releases. I’m glad Rusko didn’t want to go all out with the drop on this track, even though we all know he could have, because that would have killed the vibe. This release got me pretty excited to see him tonight in Austin, Texas and you can bet there will be a follow up post after the show so stay tuned here to see clips from his set. You can grab this Cypress X Rusko single featuring Damian Marley on iTunes HERE.