Razihel – Fireflies

Posted by on May 12, 2012

This track is amazing, there is a huge blend of styles on this track. The styling on the vocals is obviously inspired by Skrillex, the drop however one could say the same but I see more of what Zomboy does, rather than Skrillex. I love the different bass and synth work on this track. Razihel really did an incredible job on this.

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  • Sol

    damn, hate to be a hater but this is some wack first level 4th rate Skrillex knock off. This might have been cool a year and a half ago when this new phase of dubstep was jumping off but this shit just sounds derivative and token. The game has moved so far beyond this done-it-a-million-times yoi bass. Or maybe it hasn’t. /rant

  • Not sure how i feel about this one, i both like it and hate it at the same time..Recently I’ve began creating my own tunes (with Dr Drum) and i feel that you really need to balance external influences (like Skrillex) with something unique that defines YOU. This song is nice..but its not defining the soul of the artist, it just borrows from others.