Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on May 4, 2012

The last two Drum & Bass Friday posts may have been on Saturday, but I am really excited about doing this Drum & Bass post this Friday. This first track is a preview of Fred V & Grafix’s upcoming remix of ‘Feel The Love,’ and it is absolutely breath taking. The duo has been burning up Drum & Bass as of late, remixes like this I am hoping will reflect originals they will drop in the future. This remix drops May 28th, I will make sure we post it up that day to keep everyone on top of things.

Last track you can’t download in this post, I promise the rest is free. InsideInfo has been producing Drum & Bass jams for quite some time now. This most recent preview of his really caught my eye. It is set for release on his upcoming EP, ‘Grow,’ and once the Didgeridoo effects break in you are sold. Very cool and creative, a must have when it drops May 28th.

Taking a stand for women of the industry, AivaSound produced and sang on this beautiful original of her’s. I love the bass in the beginning that sounds and feels like a beating heart. The rest of the track stays completely true to the name, it is a great ‘Melody.’

This next track is a contribution from my boy W8 (pronounced ‘wait’). This is an awesome Liquid Drum & Bass track. Pretty Lights had already created an incredible tune when he made this original. The Drum & Bass just feels like a little extra something for the fans.

SizzleBird…haha it is a funny name, but this track is no joke. This is a sick original work, I love finding the no name people. You know when they post something their heart, soul, and life were put into it. Some people don’t have it in them to make art, but SizzleBird did just that.

This last track is a very smooth instrumental. The piano composition sounds great with the Drum & Bass beat that it is built off of. I do not know much about the artist, but another nobody I look forward to a future of music from.

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