Pierce Fulton – 10/6 (That Should Do It)

Posted by on May 2, 2012

If you haven’t already check out Pierce Fulton’s family vacation in Vegas, it is entertaining. Pierce Fulton has decided to giveaway two free tracks that are a bit of a change of tempo from his previous releases that were more upbeat and high energy. As the genre in the soundcloud plays states “Downtempo” and these tracks are exactly that. 10/6 uses movie samples with a moving bass line and a happy piano melody. The second track plays on the same vibe with very relaxing, smooth chords and playful key play with quick percussive strokes. These tracks are perfect for your finals grind or mid afternoon / late night relaxing. These tracks shows his versatility with his ability to produce any sort of music he wishes and not get stuck into one sound.

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