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Posted by on March 30, 2012

Due to popular demand Mach and I are starting a weekly Drum & Bass post every Friday. The only problem is we still haven’t decided on what to call the post, so we are looking to the fans to help us out. So if anyone has any good suggestions on a name email us, find us in the chat, tweet us; do whatever you can to get a hold of us to tell us. With that said lets get our first installment started. 2DB is just beginning to get his exposure in Dnb and this track caught my attention right away. The synth and driving bass work well together to create and perfect skanker. If you like what you hear be sure to like him on FACEBOOK. Were going to try and cover all aspects of Drum & Bass on this post, from the soothing melodic Dnb to the grimey Drumstep, so there is something for everyone. First we have Terravita with yet another free track. These have just been releasing free track after free track, but this time instead of their usual dubstep track they gave away this Dnb track that the fans have been wanting for a long time. With is growl filled synths and heavy bass it is evident why it is in such high demand.
TERRAVITA – Faceless Butcher – FREE 320k DOWNLOAD!!! by TERRAVITA

This is just the beginning, so READ ON!

While we are on the subject of heavy, here is a Reggae influenced, drumstep remix by AcidBassSound. Boy was I completely caught off guard by this one. Still keeping some of the Rasta influence throughout, but also adding some of his own evil sounds and synths makes this track just ruthless.
Dub Zero – Ganja Plant (ABS Drumstep Remix) by AcidBassSound

Both of these next tracks reminded me right away of the same style Dnb that the Brookes Brothers make. The tracks aren’t too heavy or too melodic, but tasteful enough to fill both appetites. This first track I favored a lot, because it is completely new in its style. Atlantic Connection decides to hold back on using synths to dictate the track and instead uses a lead acoustic guitar which creates an almost euphoric feeling. The next one is a masterpiece by GregCookeMusic & Jikes. Overall great track lacking in no aspect and also providing a little bit of everything.
Atlantic Connection – Bayamon (free download) by AtlanticConnection
GregCookeMusic & Jikes – Moving ( its free .. soo uh.. do that download thing) by JIKES.

Seismix and Cahb provide some more melodic basslines in this next original mix collaboration. Piano lead and Dnb fuze together to provided some of the best melodic Dnb around, so it is no mystery as to why this track is so appealing.
Seismix & Cahb – Midnight Sun (Free 320) by Cahb

This last one has to be my favorite of the week. As soon as I heard this tune the first thing that came to mind was Noisia. Andyskopes creates a nice original mix with a thumping bassline and a similar sounding synth to Noisia’s, which can almost never go wrong.
Andyskopes – Crime Scene FREE DOWNLOAD by Andyskopes

Just as a little addition here is a 20min mix from Tantrum Desire. I can say without hesitation that these guys are my favorite producers in the Dnb game right now. Putting out some of the sickest tunes lately, it makes it hard to listen to any other Dnb tracks. To add on to their unmatched producing style, they have some of the best live sets, track mixing, and double drops in Dnb currently at the top alongside Camo & Krooked. Taking ordinary tunes and layering over other tracks to create some of the dirtiest mashups, if thats what you want to call them.
Tantrum Desire – Exclusive Mix for 1xtra (March 2012) by Jay ‘Tantrum Desire’

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