Sammy Adams- SummerTime

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Single doesn’t mean I’m looking for somebody

Just last week, we had the opportunity to catch up with Sammmy Adams while he was in Dallas. During the catch up, Sammy was gracious enough to play a few select cuts from his forthcoming album, all of which were huge. Although there’s no set release date on the album yet, he’s dropped a new track entitled “Summertime” for the fans that you can preview above. As a bonus, we’ve included pictures from his Dallas show at The Palladium last weekend!

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  • AKAphil

    I find it really weird that he re used verses of I Hate College. It kinda disappoints me but as always this song will grow on me!

  • BangBang

    This song sounds like it was recorded underwater.

  • Jennafisha

    This is honestly terrible. I wouldn’t even listen to this if I was wasted. Not even hating.

  • Britttt

    this may be my favorite Sammy song ever!!!