R Rated #21

Posted by on March 21, 2012

I have never been caught so off guard from a track as much as this one. Hulk did the unthinkable, and made this radio top 40’s song into an absolute dubstep banger. I wasn’t lying to you guys when I said subscribe to Bass Union for some sick exclusives. Be sure to like these guys on FACEBOOK as well. First up we have Delta Heavy’s latest remix of Maverick Sabre’s next single releasing on April 22nd. This tune DnB heaven and Mach and I are big fans of this remix along with most of their other tracks.
Maverick Sabre – Used To Have It All (Delta Heavy Remix) by DELTA HEAVY

Read on because this is only the start.

Next up is AFK’s latest monster remix. These guys are on a roll after their EP release, which was a great success. All I need to say about this track is, laser synths!
Bytesize & DKS – All You (AFK Remix) *CLIP* by AFK Dubstep

Deadpool sent me this track last week, but it was after we posted R Rated. This is where it belongs which is why I didn’t post it during the week and you will see why after you hear it. My ears nearly started bleeding after this one. I can definitely see FuntCase dropping this tune in the near future.
Special Delivery by Deadpool Dubstep

I have always been a fan of Cryptex’s glich tracks. He is definitely one of the best at what he does and he continues to prove it track after track. His tracks are constructed so well and it brings something new to the table which is why I’m a fan.

KRADDY – Heart Anthem [Cryptex Remix] by KRADDY

This next track has been getting a lot of play time from Dodge and Fuski lately and was also played on their latest dubstep takeover radio show. I had never heard of FRNKNSTYN before then, but this track has a resemblance to the Never Say Die Records style of sound their artist always play.

Headshot (Light and Fire) by FRNKNSTYN

Wick-It releasing their latest remix this week and of course it’s a banger. Getting some love from Helicopter Showdown on Soundcloud and rightfully so. Great remix to this MIA track and her vocals fit oh so well with this tune.
M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

I don’t know what has got into me this week, but I have been favoring the deeper dubstep tunes a lot. This original by Soloman samples some Lil’ John but not enough to kill the track for me.
Soloman – Crunkin (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Soloman

Big vibes from this remix by Vital Techniques that just went up for DL. Again with the deep sounds and some sick lyrics that sound like Foreign Beggars vocals. Definitely going to be bumping this one for a while.

MIK – Donny Don (VITAL TECHNIQUES Remix) *Download Link in Description by VITAL TECHNIQUES

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