What’s In DShaq’s Tapedeck?

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Let me begin this soon to be legendary post, by saying that these are completely my opinions and if you disagree with these views in any way, you should see your way to the comments section. As we move on I’m going to guide you through my favorite up and comers who you should, and if you don’t, NEED to, have on your iPod/iPhone/any other mp3 device. Let’s begin shall we?

1. Action Bronson

I continue to listen to Blue Chips everyday because I’m still amazed by it. What Action did with NY native, Party Supplies, on that tape was magic, and easily is one of the top mixtapes of 2012. Chef Bronson has such a smooth, easy-to-listen-to flow that keeps us coming back for more. Bronson’s word play is really the focal point of his silky smooth flow. His imagery followed by his witty one liners keep you focused throughout the whole song. If you have yet to download the mixtape or even listen to the man that is Action Bronson, do it now!

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2. Logic

Young Sinatra, Logic’s alter ego, has become one of my favorite up and comers with his ability to stay true to him. His beats are so refreshing and such a break from normal samples, it seems as if he can rap over anything. Logic is gonna be huge, no doubt in my mind. Grab his latest mixtape, Young Sinatra, and look for his upcoming mixtape, Undeniable, to come out soon.

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3. Danny Brown

I’m going to tell you that listening to Danny Brown must come with some patience. He not only sounds so different from most rap today, he is different, and he wants to be. His look is so bizarre yet works for him at the same time because he embraces it. Danny is pioneering a new wave of rap in that he’s going outside the box of rap today and I got some mad respect for him. Want to get to know more about Brown? Hit up this link right here for more on this crazy guy.


4. A$AP Rocky

Much like Bronson’s recent mixtape, A$AP Rocky’s mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP., has been all over my iTunes since its debut last year. Rocky’s style is very unique because he combines both his New York roots with his admiration of the Houston chopped and screwed sound. Being a weed and fashion aficionado, Rocky lets you know it through his countless references to “Raf Simons and Rick Owens” then in the next line going “Blowing blunts, rolling doobies up, smoking section.” Real talk rocky holds it down and brings it over every A$AP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, and SpxceGhxstPxrrp beat. Check out the tape and get to know Rocky and the A$AP crew.

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5. G-Eazy

Now wether Gerald Gillium, or G-Eazy, is the best white rapper is rather quite debatable. Wether he is the freshest? No one comes close. The man is on his own brand of swag incorporating that vintage 60s feel into everything he does. G is tearing it up right now playing SXSW, Buku Fest, and Vans Warped Tour. His latest mixtape, Endless Summer, was a giant hit and has had some quality singles come out in the past month or two. G-Eazy has a really unique sound and that’s why he is so enjoyable to me. Grab Endless Summer and look back for more G.

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6. Phony Ppl

One of the most underrated and lesser known bands out right now, the New York group is made up of 9 musically gifted dudes that use a live band and sing soulful catchy songs and throw down some fat raps. I posted their Phonyland mixtape a lil’ while back, however if you ignored my gracious gift of free music, I highly suggest you grab that mixtape…like now. Artistry has really died down, or so it seems, but with groups like Phony Ppl, Das Racist, and Danny Brown leading the way, I see no reason why it can’t make a comeback.

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7. Skizzy Mars

Skizzy has been one of, if not, my favorite up and comer ever since I first heard of him. Skiz is oozing with talent and I’m convinced he, like Logic, will make it big. Although we have yet to hear Phases, Skiz has supplied many singles to keep us waiting. This is one dude you are going to want to have in your iTunes library. Also make sure you check back for the mixtape.

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Now those are only a few of my favorite artists, but being the nice, sharing, and thoughtful human being I am, I decided to throw a little mixtape/playlist for you comprised of some of my favorite songs that you should have on your iPod.