Rameses B – I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining)

Posted by on March 8, 2012

While I’m currently going through a seriously grimy DnB phase, I’m still a huge sucker for melodic, lyrical dubstep and it’s pretty much no secret. Adventure Club? Done. Blackmill? Yes please. Accordingly, I was very excited to come across “I Need You” this afternoon, as Rameses B absolutely nails the romantic side of the genre. The wistful, breathless vocals, raindrop-esque synths, and lush chord progressions make this beautiful track a must listen. “I Need You” is available for purchase on UK iTunes (chafey.) and some website I’ve never heard of called “Juno” that…well, at least looks legit. Check it out below.

PURCHASE (on Juno): Rameses B – I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Rameses B – I Need You ft. Charlotte Haining by Rameses B

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