R Rated #18

Posted by on February 29, 2012

I really enjoyed this weeks picks for R Rated. Sev and I really want people to understand that we can post the wobbly, wompy dubstep any day of the week, but there is only one day that truly deserves the filth that we provide you on Wednesdays. Enjoy.

Why not start off with a bang? The first on the list for R this week is actually a 2 track free EP from Terrabad. Both tracks are dirty as hell, and no one track deserved to be up here more than the other.


This track may come as a bit of a confusion to most of you, it does in fact start out as drum & bass. I am telling you though once it drops you will accept the drumstepish quality of this filthy track.
  Camo and Krooked – Hot Pursuit(PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix) [free download] by PrototypeRaptor

Popeska has truly come out of no where and has really made a name for himself. This remix of his starts out with a complextro vibe to it, and damn does it sound sick.
Big L – Flamboyant (Popeska Remix) by Popeska

I have no idea who these two are, but after falling upon this track, I really want to get to know them. The vocals add a little emotion to the VIP, then that anger fulled drop really takes off with the rest of the track.
Nightmare & NICMOR – We’re Really Flying (Drumstep VIP) by Nightmare & NICMOR

Mathy literally just showed up in the chatbox and dropped this beast in front of my eyes. I thought “Oh, my new haircut, this is going to be lame as f**k.” I am so happy I took a chance to listen to this, because this track is epic. Makes me want to run dual wielding through a maternity ward leaving no survivors.
Mathy Muso – New Haircut by freshnewtracks

Stop reading and click ‘read more,’ you know it’s worth it.

Just a few days ago Borgore dropped his Flex EP, which Sev and I agree was a major disappointment. That doesn’t mean that Figure didn’t turn Borgores track around. Turn around? That doesn’t sound right, I mean raped repeatedly until what was considered a terrible act, turned into probably the greatest thing since your mom…
Borgore – Flex feat. Shay (Figure Remix) OUT NOW! by Figure

Savant just dropped his new album, Vario a few days ago and it is crazy good. Was not expecting so many good tracks to be on it. In fact the track below is definitely one of my new favorites. The vocals come off sounding like Evanescence a little bit, and the drop is something like I have never heard before. Then the second drop happens…oh my god.
Savant – Trust Issues (Original Mix) by freshnewtracks

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