Krewella & Flinch

Posted by on January 20, 2012

Today turned out to be a great day with two monster releases from Krewella and Flinch. The beautiful girls of Krewella and Rain Man have concocted a filthy dubstep track with sexy vocals once again. Their remix of Breathe, or as it is known now Summit, was nothing short of nasty, but this track is on a whole other level . The title of the track says it all; they start off with enticing vocals to lure in the listeners, but right when you least expect it you get hit by the grimy drop. Flinch’s track starts off a little slower than Krewella’s track does, but don’t let the slow start fool you. Flinch comes in heavy on his drop as well, and its packed with bass and laser synths. Big things coming from both of these producers in the future, so if you want to stay current with their releases be sure to check out their pages.



DOWNLOAD: Krewella – Killin It

DOWNLOAD: Flinch – Let Me Go (Ft. The Villains)

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