Deadmau5 – Cthulhu2

Posted by on January 16, 2012

Dubstep and Deadmau5??? Yup. Deadmau5 uploaded this freebie and and the dubstep bassline clip below it a few hours ago. He calls the Cthulhu2 track Elderstep, and it some wobbly goodness. Not what some are use to hearing in a dubstep track, but none the less it sounds great. I really wish he would make the clip into a full track though, it is dirty. Just a note, Deadmau5 uploaded mediocre quality of the tracks, the chances of non-transcoded 320kbps versions surfacing are slim to none right now.

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 – Cthulhu2

BONUS CLIP: Deadmau5 – Shits Fashionable I Guess (Clip)

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