Alesso, Walden, Inpetto & D’Anconia

Posted by on January 12, 2012

Alesso with another one of his many ID’s still not yet released is sounding epic. I had the opportunity to see Avicii and Alesso at separate times in the same venue and Alesso was by far my favorite, his transitioning between tracks was stellar, never dropped the energy of the crowd, and catered a variety of new material. It leaves me wondering what exactly is Avicii doing, I would pay to see him take some time off touring and get back in the studio. Now occasionally there comes a time when tracks tend to accumulate in mass like we have here below, all three are worth your time and would be impossible to place in any particular order, give them all a try, and lastly – NLN deserves huge credit for this post.

Brightness is candy to my ears. I spent a while trying to remember what the drop sounded like, its a toy I used to play with as a kid. A tube with a ball that would go to either side and make a cool noise haha, any remembrance?. Anyways – Get it on Beatport.
Walden – Brightness (Original Mix)

No More Serious Faces I’d say does just that, A great sounding reason to be happy. Get it on Beatport.
Inpetto – No More Serious Faces (Original Mix)

Elodie is a calm rage, definitely the best of both worlds.
D’Anconia – Elodie (Original Mix)

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