EmB – The Establishment

Posted by on December 30, 2011

EmB is new to my ears by only a few minutes, and is quite the refreshment. Aging like vintage wine, EmB at only 19 years old has soaked up a buffet of wizardry he’d like to share with us. His voice is a mixture of AZ & Mase with subject matter that puts both to shame making them look like the young ones. What first caught my ear is EmB’s vast selection of instrumentals that show his class for music of all kinds. Furthermore his interludes give hints of inspiration ranging from Tupac Shakur, Charlie Chaplin and one of the greatest philosophers the worlds ever had the privilege of learning from – Krishnamurti. EmB writes in his biography – taking shots at the mainstream and people who just can’t lend their ears for a minute and listen to some music with any type of direction. Of course I agree with that. Be sure to check his earlier project Brain Waves on Bandcamp. Shout out to Fly in the cbox for putting me on to this.

The Establishment

Download: EmB – Leadership

Download: EmB – Can’t Help Myself

Download: EmB – Night Drive

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