Torqux & Twist, Flyte One, and RHYNO

Posted by on August 10, 2011

The dynamic duo of dubstep dropped this heater no more than a week ago. The drop is ridiculous, but this track doesn’t top the Sunlight remix of theirs that I’m dying for them to release August 15th.

DOWNLOAD: OH MY ! – Kicking and Screaming (Torqux & Twist Remix)

Modestep – Sunlight (Torqux & Twist Remix) BBC 1Xtra Mista Jam Clip by Torqux
I honestly have never heard of Flyte One before, but I really like the productions he has. The first one is a Paper Planes remix that was just released. It doesn’t seem like dubstep to be honest, but once you listen to the track that wont really matter. The second track is an insane remix of Louder, if anyone can hook me up with an untagged version hit me up in the comments!

DOWNLOAD: MIA – Paper Planes (Flyte One Remix)

DOWNLOAD:DJ FRESH – Louder (Flyte One Remix)[Tagged]

This last track is another one of those artists that I know nothing about except that they have good music. RHYNO from what I have heard has this awesome Pretty Lights styled vibe going, how could one go wrong there.

DOWNLOAD: Mutemath – Odd Soul (RHYNO Remix)


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