Five North – Cables

Posted by on July 30, 2011

No this isn’t another white rapper (read the category tag for the post “Electro), but I do need to preface this post with the following; these aren’t your average FNT song. Its caught in some grey area that I can’t pinpoint – perhaps you all can pitch in here and help with the description. I can tell you this much, after listening to all of the frat rap submissions this came as a refreshing change up. Even better, the artist allowed me to post his best track “Cables” for free even though he’s offering it on iTunes for a buck. If you’re feeling kind, purchase the track here.

For more songs off the Mixed Drink EP, hit up Five North’s facebook and website.

Five North – Cables by freshnewtracks

This one is a little more obscure give it a listen, I can dig it.
Five North – JackRabbit Slim’s by freshnewtracks

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