Identity Music Festival Ticket Giveaway – Holmdel, NJ (UPDATE: NOT NYC)

Posted by on July 28, 2011

Our previous post had an error stating the tickets were for the Wantagh NYC show, when in fact it’s the Holmdel location in New Jersey. There was some miscommunication between Identity and our team so we apologize for any confusion. We have extended the contest because of the error…our apologies.

Yep, that’s right, were giving away a pair of tickets for the Identity Music Festival that’s taking place on August 14th in New Jersey @ The PNC Bank Arts Center. The line up features some artists you might of heard…Kaskade, Steve Aoki Chuckie Datsik, & Nero just to name a few. Our friends over at Identity sent two pairs of tickets our way so we’ll be holding one contest starting today and another starting in August. If you don’t win this weeks contest, don’t worry, we’ll be holding the second one shortly and you’ll have your chance to shine. Below is how to win.

hit more for the rules:

Contest Rules:
Make your Facebook status something that includes the whole url – – and how it’s your #1 source for new house, hip hop, dubstep, or whatever you use FNT for.
Then, screenshot your status and e-mail it to [email protected] by 11:30 pm PST on Sunday July 31th. Whoever has the most likes on their status wins the tickets…plain and simple. We might be adding the winner to Facebook, so no sneaky stuff on photoshop people.

Contest ends Sunday, July 30th, when your roommate’s uploaded picture of him planking on top of a moving train exceeds your number of likes.

Example Status:
“Like this status to help me win a pair of tickets to Identity compliments of the best place to download new music.”

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  • Ace

    Are the tix for the August giveaway for NJ as well? Just curious cause I’ve been seriously trying to win these bad boys thinking NYC and Avicii as a bonus. Either way thanks for the opportunity. (keep it the 30th too)

  • Mike

    How many likes do you guys have so far; I have 30

  • matt

    oh come on, i thought you meant wantaugh, i had like 45 likes too…

  • Themanronz

    if you go to the identity website, not all the artists are at certain venues. Such as Skrillex, he will not be in Holmdell.

  • aaron

    30 in one hour

  • aaron

    how many likes do yu guys have?

  • Mike

    I’m stuck at 43. What are you up to aaron?

  • aaron

    108 haha

  • Juliuspastel

    i would love to do this work to try and get free tix, but yea not all the artists will be my way and jiffy lube live is the worst venue ever. so rather than being glued to fb and telling every one of my “friends” to like the status, i think ill spend the weekend outside and listen to music when im in my car = same difference.

  • Ace

    I’m no Geography Major but Virginia and New Jersey are not the same state.

  • mike

    83! What r u at now?

  • aaron