Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis, Haydn Hoffman, and Muffler

Posted by on July 23, 2011

This is some sexy dubstep. Dillon Francis has been dropping quite a bit of Moombahton lately, which is what I was expecting from this track. Glad to see he likes to mix it up with friends a bit, giving us this awesome track.

DOWNLOAD: Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis – I Love You

This remix has a great bassline mixed in, and I love the samples he used also. The drop has a kind of Skrillex style to it. That blended with some good old Avicii leaves us with something worth bumping to.

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Levels (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix)

This last track needs no explanation, you already know your face is about to be blown off by your subs.

DOWNLOAD: Rob Roy – Rollercoaster Baby (Muffler Remix)

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