Camp Bisco Recap and Dubstep

Posted by on July 11, 2011

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I went to Camp Bisco this past weekend, it was awesome to say the least. 15,000 people went last year, 30,000 this year. Video above was Nero’s epic opening. Excuse my amature camera skills, I was having fun.

Before I give my run down on some of the shows, here are a few tracks for your enjoyment. Let’s face it, you didn’t come here to read haha.

DOWNLOAD: The Temptations – Ain’t too Proud to Beg (Dieth a la Mode Remix) – CHILL

DOWNLOAD: Pete Miles – Be Gentle With Me – Heavy

For most of the shows I tried to get as close as possible. Skrillex on the first night was insane, the tent was packed in minutes. He ended up starting his set with 2 new tracks and later on played another new track. Cstan saw him the next night and had the same thing happen. Bassnectar was over the top, banger after banger. You knew he was going to kill it once his set hit its first drop. Out of the less famous artists, Savoy did great. Especially when they played “I’m In Need,” it even turned out to be a different sounding version. I am hoping that means it’s finalized now so we can have it.

Out of all the shows I went to, Udachi really stood out with his Electro/Dubstep style. I was at the front rail with maybe 40 people behind me, he walked on stage looking like thats what he expected for a turnout. After his third track the tent was packed with a few thousand people going nuts. He even took a minute to tell the crowd that it was the most amazing thing to see that many people loving his music. Overall Camp Bisco was rediculous, if you weren’t there this year you have to go next year.

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