Matt Clarke – This Is How We Do It

Posted by on June 15, 2011

FNT is proud to sponsor Matt Clarke’s mixtape “Blank Check.” This first single, “This Is How We Do It,” snipes a mean sample from the Montell Jordon classic by the same name. We will be dropping another cut off the mixtape next Wednesday and the final project will be released on June 28th. Show Matt Clarke some love on facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Matt Clarke – This Is How We Do It

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  • Oiajsfije

    ugh i hate this electro-pop college kid bullshit. let’s get real people

  • bRo

    Totally agree with Oiajsfije … electro/hip-hop is the worst mix sincee diet coke and mentos

  • Adsopk

    THIS IS WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FNT you messed up when you had matt clarke win that contest, his stuff was weak then and still is now. There were many better artist that submitted tracks to that contest. I dont know what you all saw in this guy.

  • Angeldust

    he can rhyme

  • Penis

    hes so amazing and talented, also kinda cute 😉

  • Dfcxc

    matt clark is a very talented rapper and has a bright future

  • eknfirnf

    I like this song 🙂 he’s really talented, cute and i think he will make it far.


    I can’t say I love it….I can’t say I hate it. I was so excited to see the Montell Jordan sample (what a beast of a song), and I was immediately dissapointed. Buuuuttt….I kinda love Clarke’s verses. Beat = Fail.

  • Jerry23

    haha this is god awful…shows how FNT is going down hill with all the blogs that post rap over electro

  • Guest

    Yeah…they should have featured this kid…

    (Okay…guilty…it’s me)