Drop The Lime – Hot as Hell (AC Slater Remix) | Electro

Posted by on June 10, 2011

No idea who Ac Slater is, but this hot upbeat track deserves its own post for sure. I am loving the feel good vibes this sick remix is giving off, definitely got me in a good mood to start the weekend off right. Seeing as I know nothing about this guy, all i can tell you is the track is worth the download.

DOWNLOAD: Drop the Lime – Hot as Hell (AC Slater Remix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

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  • i like the lone bottle of makers sitting next to his mac. He means business.

  • Anne Noise

    AC Slater is the character Mario Lopez played on Saved by the Bell, heh.

  • Patty Ice

    AC slater brought me into the world of dubstep in the winter/spring of last year! i got a demo CD from scion at the auto show in NY, and it was full of dubstep tracks from him (when the genre was still pretty much unheard of). can’t believe how far dubstep has come (popularity wise) in a year

  • kk

    yeah last year when dubstep was pretty much unheard of. lol

  • AC Slater is someone you should know.

  • Rawrz

    How do you write here and not know about AC Slater? Trouble & Bass crew dawg 😛