Tupac Ft. The Game – “Everywhere I Go” | Hip-Hop

Posted by on May 31, 2011

Something about being dead just can’t seem to stop him from having amazing tracks dropped. “It’s only a flesh wound” I didn’t even have to wait for the Game’s part of the track. The second you hear Tupac’s opening you are hooked. No, I don’t believe he is still alive. Yes, you should download this track.

DOWNLOAD: Tupac Ft. The Game – Everywhere I Go – MUST DOWNLOAD

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  • DP

    RIP. Genius, Pure Genius.

  • #2

    The original version of this song is so much better, you should have just posted that. The original song is called Pain by Tupac ft. Stretch, but then i guess the track would be fresh but not new. I think we should let tupac rip and stop choppin up his best songs, puttin it on top of a shittier beat and calling it new, thats just me tho

  • Ask

    Pac gives me goosebumps. Best rapper ever.