Yoni – And Now We Dance

Posted by on May 27, 2011

After stumbling upon Yoni a few months ago and having the pleasure of bumping a number of his tracks, we were excited to receive his final project entitled “And Now We Dance.” Yoni has a knack for creating smooth mashups which couple mainstream pop with house anthems. For more Yoni, check out his facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Yoni – Forever in Barra

DOWNLOAD: Yoni – Rolling in the Dreams

DOWNLOAD: Yoni – Some Chords with No Hands

DOWNLOAD: Yoni – The Hustler is Here (Remode)

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Yoni – And Now We Dance.zip

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  • Trent Boden

    This is a great album. One of my favorites rite nau!!!!!

  • ll

    Sooo sick, much better than White Panda.

  • Anonymous

    yeah this is good stuff. not just a couple songs mashed, he really took some time to make things flow.

  • Kleeshade

    Most of the time he plays two or more songs of completely different key signatures. Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    @ #4, actually I’m pretty sure that all of the songs he mashes are in the same key…

    @#3, I agree, he really took some time to find songs that fit well together. I loved the mixtape, I look forward to hearing more from him, hope he blows up!

  • kk

    Get in key or GTFO.