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Posted by on May 26, 2011

Half of you are going to hate this…half of you are going to love this. I’ve been hesitant to post the song for the last week, but the girls got more [email protected] than 90% of the artists out there. She’s the Lady Gaga of hip hop…that’s going to to be her tagline in 6 months when she’s blown up and playing at music awards…note who said it first.

DOWNLOAD: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

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  • Sky

    just lost all respect for FNT



  • Ask

    “At first I didn’t like this shit, and then I listened to it again and? I still don’t like this shit.” hahaa.

  • Anonymous

    It will catch on promise. It’s dope. You guys will be singing this shit.

  • Rohan

    I’d hit it.

  • Anonymous

    shit slaps

  • Kamal

    Catchy…but this is more top 40 garbage. Relate it to Wiz Khalifa with Black and Yellow, the beat is pretty dope, theres a nice hook but lyrically it’s a mess. If this chick ever gets famous she’s going to end up being over produced.

  • Plants

    agree with Kamal. and this chick looks like she’s 13.

  • trees

    jewcebox take a lap for posting this garbage

  • jewcebox

    haha come talk to me in 6 months

  • Winnebago

    This is complete shit, but alot of people are talking about it so they must be doing something right

  • Tosh

    haha this is tight!! pretty original, glad you posted it

  • duba

    you aren’t the first to call her the lady gaga of hip hop btw…

  • ll

    Saw this when it had like 5,000 views.

    I feel like I just won the youtube stock market.

  • Soko

    The best response i have for this is “eh”

    Still kinda on the fence

  • Soko

    edit: Someone will take the instrumental and put it to good use…

  • Soko

    so 2 days ago i said i was eh about this song…yet during work today THIS of all things popped into my head…so here i am..back again